Sunday, January 22, 2012


Okay, so I found my old blog today while on the internet and looking back at it made me smile and kinda sad at the same time. I'm so glad I have all this to remember things by but I'm sad because I didn't keep up with it. So I have decided to start it back up again. ALOT has changed since my last blog which was in 2008. We have moved back to Louisiana and we have added a precious addition to our family, Annalyse! She joined our family in April 2010 and has been a blessing ever since. Connor is now 7 and in the 2nd grade. He is doing soccer, basketball and karate. He keeps us really busy. He's doing TERRIFIC in school and we couldn't be prouder of our little guy. Shyanne is now 4 and in Pre-K! She is involved in dance and is currently working on her first dance revue! She wants to play T-Ball so we are looking forward to the summer time and getting her signed up for that. I mentioned we are back in Louisiana. We aren't in Slidell but we are in Lafayette! We love it here! We have a ton of old friends here and have met some really nice new ones. Recently Jude and I made the big turn into our 30s! YIKES! I must say it hasn't been as bad as I thought. Someone long ago told me that her 30s were so much better than her 20s and so far so good! Well, I look forward to keeing up with my blog. I will try to update it as much as possible. Until I "talk" to you again......

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