Sunday, January 22, 2012


Okay, so I found my old blog today while on the internet and looking back at it made me smile and kinda sad at the same time. I'm so glad I have all this to remember things by but I'm sad because I didn't keep up with it. So I have decided to start it back up again. ALOT has changed since my last blog which was in 2008. We have moved back to Louisiana and we have added a precious addition to our family, Annalyse! She joined our family in April 2010 and has been a blessing ever since. Connor is now 7 and in the 2nd grade. He is doing soccer, basketball and karate. He keeps us really busy. He's doing TERRIFIC in school and we couldn't be prouder of our little guy. Shyanne is now 4 and in Pre-K! She is involved in dance and is currently working on her first dance revue! She wants to play T-Ball so we are looking forward to the summer time and getting her signed up for that. I mentioned we are back in Louisiana. We aren't in Slidell but we are in Lafayette! We love it here! We have a ton of old friends here and have met some really nice new ones. Recently Jude and I made the big turn into our 30s! YIKES! I must say it hasn't been as bad as I thought. Someone long ago told me that her 30s were so much better than her 20s and so far so good! Well, I look forward to keeing up with my blog. I will try to update it as much as possible. Until I "talk" to you again......

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Broken Computer

This is a short post but just to let you know where I have been. Our computer crashed a few weeks ago and quite honestly we have just been too busy to repair it. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas the remodeling and everything else going on life has just been real hetic. Everyone is fine and I can't wait to come back to post all our pictures from the holidays! "Talk" to you soon:)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

remodeling 101

So as many of you know we had a pipe bust in our kitchen not too long ago flooding our house. It has been a mess and a blessing all in one. We had orginally had plans to remodel but because of many different things we were going alot slower than planned so when the pipe busted the remodeling was something that HAD to happen. We decided to do the work ourselves so that we could have all the fun of picking out whatever we wanted plus I have a husband that is stubborn and swears he can do everything. We decided to do one room at a time and just live in a disaster area because we wanted to make sure we did things exactly how we liked them. So the kitchen was first since it was our biggest remodel. In the kitchen we decided to redo the floors to ceramic tile, get new cabinets (which for some reason we chose white), new countertops, tile backsplash, crown molding and new appliances. Let me show you what our kitchen looked like when we first moved in

Not the best looking kitchen but it is our first house and something we are very proud of. I took these photos because we had decided to paint the cabinets white and change the wall color to green. I thought it looked good but of course it got changed again with all new stuff. Our new cabinets are hung and our new tile floors are done but my kitchen still looks like this

we are currently waiting on our new countertops which were ordered last weekend so we have a few more weeks until they should be here. Since Jude says there is nothing that can be done until then we decided to go forwarded with the dining room. The only thing that we are doing in there is new floors, we are removing the carpet and putting down the same tile that is in the kitchen, repainting to match the kitchen, new baseboards and crown molding. This is a picture of Jude pulling up the baseboards and carpet so you can kinda see what it looked like before

This past weekend we put some paint up and Jude started laying down the tile so this afternoon it is currently looking like this

it's slowly coming along but it's taking really long. Next weekend we hope to have the tile finished and the painting finished. The following weekend the countertops should be in and once those come in we can start with the backsplash and put in our new microwave and sink. I can't wait for it to be done only for us to want to move I'm sure!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick Or Treat...Smell My Feet!

So Halloween has come and gone! This past year was so much fun. Acutally, the best Halloween we have had in a long time. With it being on a Friday it gave Jude the opportunity to actually enjoy being up at night without having to go to work the next day. Connor was Stitch from Lilo & Stitch the movie.

Shyanne was JoJo from JoJo's Circus

She was orginally supposed to be Minnie Mouse but it was too cold so we had to change plans and go with our backup outfit which I think worked better. Yesterday, the kids had their Halloween party at school and got to wear their costumes all day so getting ready was really easy last night. We were invited over to some friend's house for a party and hayride. I'm so glad that we went because the kids had a blast! Connor is at the perfect age where he totally understood the entire trick or treating thing. Shyanne on the other hand didn't quite understand it at first but the towards the end of the night she was walking right up to the houses and asking for candy. It was a blast and makes me excited about next year!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NKOTB! be Mrs. Jordan Knight! That is what I had always dreamed growing up. If you were alive during the late 80s early 90s then you totally understand what I'm talking about. So as expected when New Kids On The Block announced last year that they were getting back together I felt like I was 9 years old all over again. Immediately my friends and I decided that if they were to tour and even come close to any of the areas that we lived then we would definitly be there. Well guess what???? THEY CAME TO NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!! So as soon as tickets were on sale we purchased our seats and waited until October 18 came. Before the concert my awesome husband surprised me with their new CD and their greatest hits CD. I don't think Jude knew the extent of my love for New Kids On The Block but he sure did learn quick. After months of listening to their CD over and over again so I could learn all the new songs (I still knew the old ones!) my night finally came! Now....I had been in Atlanta for the past 3 weeks so when I accepted this job I had to start out right and tell the VP of the region about my little plan to go see NKOTB and he told me it wouldn't be a problem I would just have to drive that weekend. So what was alittle 7 hour drive? Heck, I would have driven 20 hours! That day my parents took the kids and I went to my friend Shannon's parents' house. We got ready there and had all planned on getting dressed alike

I must say I thought we looked AWESOME! I don't think our husbands knew what to do with us but we didn't care. Shannon's husband Rick drove us so we could jam to the CD the entire way to the concert and the guys went to watch the LSU game somewhere while we enjoyed the concert. I must say that it was truly the best concert ever! Those guys danced for over 2 hours straight not ever taking a break! We danced, sang, screamed and acted like 8 year old little girls the entire time. At the end they said that they would be back and I guarantee you that we will be there again! Now I must wait my year.......SIGH!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

hello atlanta!

As I'm sure you noticed it's been almost a month since my last post. I have a good excuse I swear.....I had no computer! I have been in Atlanta, Ga for the past 3 weeks for training for my new job. The good news is that I am done and offically start my first day tomorrow. I'm so excited and can't wait because I know this is good for me but I'm nervous all at the same time. I missed my babies like crazy but I know they were in good hands. The first weekend I was there Jude brought the kids up to see me so that I wouldn't have to make that trip all weekends and I wouldn't have to go without seeing them during the weekend. I was excited because I have been wanting to bring the kids to Stone Mountain and the aquarium since Atlanta has the world's largest one. So why not take this opportunity for another mini vacation? They got there late Friday afternoon since it's a 5 hour drive we went to a famous "fast food" joint called the Varisty on Georgia Tech's campus. It was so good and something I enjoyed. The next day was spectacular we brought the kids to Stone Mountain!

It was absoultely beautiful and something I have been dying to do again. We lucked out because they were having some pumpkin festival the day we were there so it was decorated beautiful and there was lots of fun things for the kids to do.

We really wanted to stay to watch the laser show but of course it interfered with the LSU-Florida game and the kids were getting cranky so we decided to go back to the hotel, order pizza and watch the game. Of course, had we known how bad the game would have turned out I think we would have rathered dealt with cranky kids and watch the laser show.
The next morning Jude was trying to decide if he should leave or not because it was Sunday but because he had vacation the following week he decided to stay one more day and we went to the aquarium. I loved this place. It was awesome and it really is huge!

The thing I enjoyed the most was the Titanic exhibit. They gave us each boarding passes before we entered and at the end of the exhibit we were told whether or not we survived. Unfortunately for Connor he was the only one that didn't survive. The neat thing was that Shyanne was a 9 week old baby who was in 3rd class and she survived! Since it took all day we didn't have enough time to go see the Coca-Cola exhibit which was right next to the aquarium but we did get enough time for the kids to enjoy the playground at the Olympic Centinennal Park.

The next morning came too soon. I was so sad to see the kids leave but I knew I was there for a reason. I really enjoyed these past few weeks in Atlanta. I do think I will be making another trip sometime soon with the kids because there was just too much to see and do that we didn't get a chance to do.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 10

Well the day that I had been dreading had finally come. When we woke up that morning it was so quite and somber in the room because we all knew we were leaving. I had packed the night before so all we had to do was get up, eat and leave.

This trip was so much fun. I feel blessed that we were able to bring the kids to Disney World. It was worth every penny to see the faces of the kids light up when another character would come around or they were able to see the parades and fireworks. I would say that Kristen Lynn and Connor were the perfect ages! Poor Shyanne was alittle too young. She didn't really understand the characters, or lines or really anything. We are going back next December though and by then she will be 2 1/2 so I think it will be much better. When we go next time we are not telling the kids until we wake up that morning. What a surprise that will be! Connor has only talked about going back to Disney World every single day. But you know, I'm with him on that. If I could I would go as much as possible. It's amazing how no matter what mood you are in walking into the park as soon as you get there you seem to turn into a kid again. So since I can't tell Connor when we are going again I guess you will have to countdown with me........................ Ticker
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While there I took lots of pictures of the hotel that I would love to share. We stayed at the Pop Century hotel. It was perfect with the kids! It was decorated like different decades. We were lucky enough to stay almost right near the pools and food court so I didn't get much chance to walk around and see the other buildings but I did get to see some cool stuff around our building.

I hope you enjoyed my break down of the trip as much as I enjoyed reliving it!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 9

Well we had finally come to our last full day at Disney World. It's one that I dreaded coming. This morning was also my mom's birthday so when I woke up I looked forward to celebrating it with her but little did I know what the day would bring. Over night both my mom and Kristen Lynn got very sick. So sick that they couldn't even leave the room. So Jude and I packed up our kids and went to enjoy our last day minus Nana, Pop Pop and Kristen Lynn. We went back to Hollywood Studios to finish doing what we had missed from the first day. We immediately went to do Muppet's 3D. I don't know what has happened but it wasn't quite as enjoyable as I remembered it but I do think it's a must do. After the show we saw Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater from the movie Cars!

Connor was so confused because they weren't "real" but he still wanted to take a picture with them. Right after we saw what would be Connor's favorite part of the day....THE POWER RANGERS!

I must say I was alittle disappointed with them because they only would stay out for 10 minutes at a time and then would go inside to "fight the bad guys" for 45 minute breaks. So we only got to see the yellow one and the red one because the lines were so dang long. But most importantly, Connor got to see the Power Rangers and that is all that mattered to him. He was truly ready to leave after this but we still had some things that we wanted to do. One the way to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground we saw Kim Possible. Connor really didn't know who she was but since there was a line for her he wanted to stand in it and get her autograph. Then it was on to the playground. Finally something Shyanne could enjoy!

After playing for alittle while and releasing some energy Connor wanted to ride the Toy Story ride 1 more time. This time we were not so lucky with the line and waited for 90 minutes to ride it again. But again, this ride did not disappoint. It was worth it. Before leaving we rode the famous Great American Movie Ride. It's a long ride about all the older movies but it was great and it was a 20 minute sit down ride in air conditioning which made it perfect. When the ride was over it was time to get back to the hotel for naps and some enjoyment of the pools. Now I must say on our way out Jude was "attacked" by some Auburn fans. You see this happened to be the day of the LSU/Auburn game. So of course Jude was dressed to the nines with his LSU gear

These little kids couldn't have been older than Connor but they were following us out the park yelling "WAR EAGLE!" It was in all fun and games and was actually quite amusing. Especially when you know who won that evening......GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!